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Schedule a Meet n' Greet!

The first step is to contact Stephen to arrange a "meet 'n greet" with him in person.  To schedule a meeting, please use the contact form, send him a direct email (sjhopson at yahoo dot com) or text him at 330-338-4479. 


The purpose of the meet n greet is to ascertain all parties are in alignment with regards to your pet's care.   It's an opportunity to learn more about the needs and routine of the pet(s) in addition to medical issues/history.   During this meeting, Stephen will fill out an evaluation form to help him learn as much as he possibly can about you and your pet(s).   This is also the time he evaluates the suitability of the home for overnight stays (i.e. location, cleanliness, safety, security, etc).  Various policies are also covered including cancelation notices, other visitors to your home during the petsit and so forth. 

Upon scheduling the meet 'n greet, Stephen will email you vet authorization and video/photo release forms for you to fill out and bring with you to the meeting.   

If all parties are in alignment with one another, the next step would be to book the desired service(s)!

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