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Stephen has had (and continues to have) a rather interesting, dynamic and inspiring life.

In the early 80s and 90s, he was an award-winning Wall Street banker/stockbroker and gave that all up to become an inspirational speaker and author of Obstacle Illusions.

Ever since he was a boy, he's always wanted to fly airplanes.  In 2001, that dream was realized when he got his pilot's certificate.  Five years later, he would shock the world of aviation by being the first deaf pilot in the world to earn an instrument rating.

After hanging up his pilot's hat, he turned his focus on helping others awaken to their true potential by leading spiritual retreats/workshops and taking people to swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii.

Throughout his life, he's never lost his love for animals whom he considers highly evolved sentient beings of light.  He reminds us that our pets are actually spiritual teachers in furry disguise.

He's been petsitting ever since he was a young boy and became a pet owner himself when he was 8.  Stephen's love for animals is self evident everywhere he goes.

Throughout his life, he has conducted his business and personal affairs with impeccable integrity and reliability.  Clients find him to be authentic, professional and very detail oriented, not to mention fun and joyful to be around!

He is now accepting new clients on a referral basis.

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